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Term 1                                    Term 2

February week 2                       May week 2

February week 4                       May week 5

March week 7                           July week 10

April week 10                 


Term 3                                   Term 4

July week 1                             November week 5               

August week 4

August week 6            




Important: Childcare and Pre-school Entry and Immunisation -Parent Information Brochure

Term 1 2019

Children commence on Thursday 31st January

Term 1 ends on Friday 12th April

Term 2 2019

Children commence on Tuesday 30th April

Term 2 ends on Friday 5th July

Term 3 2019

Children commence on Tuesday 23rd July

Term 3 ends on Friday 27th September

Term 4 2019

Children commence on Monday 14th October

Term 4 ends on Wednesday 18th December

Please note Thursday 19th and Friday 20th December are pupil free days


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