Children are recognised as being capable learners whose ongoing development is greatly influenced by the context in which it occurs. We value the uniqueness of each child, their learning styles and life experiences. We will support children's social construction of knowledge and learning through quality interactions, where respectful relationships value the central role families and cultural groups play in children's learning (EYLF, pg. 11).

We will provide a play based educational curriculum that is responsive to the needs, interests and curiosities of the children and reflective of the principles and practices of the Early Years Learning Framework. Our educational program will promote each child's sense of agency and actively engage children in the process of learning.

We will create a safe learning environment that invites children to explore, investigate and experiment as they play. Documentation, equipment and resources will be displayed aesthetically, making the learning visible. We will communicate the importance of sustainable practices and caring for our land through intentional teaching and interaction with children and families.

We will work in collaboration with families and the wider community to build respectful partnerships that enrich the learning and development of each child. We will value stakeholder partnerships in planning and supporting continuity of learning and transitions, including from home to preschool and preschool to school setting.

We will advocate for the protection and rights of each child by establishing a culture that acknowledges health and well-being as being fundamental to the development of the whole child. We will empower children to challenge difference respectfully whilst building a positive sense of identity.

Through strong and responsive leadership and management practices we will strive to uphold best practice and deliver quality education and care for the children and families in our local community.



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